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Does not make the return home

Hi, my name is Javier and I have a problem with Phantom 4.
It happens that he does not return to the house, taking into account the activated starting point.
Before seeing the opportunity to return to the point where it is, along about 50 meters and on the screen of the iPad I give it to register in the place where it was saved, the Drone turns and starts to climb to the limit marked 120 meters And it stands still, and I have to manually lower it. I have the compass calibrated. Any solution?

We will need to see your flight log to accurately answer your question. Start by uploading your .txt log to the link below ( Instructions are on the link ). Once you upload the file, place a link back here to that and we can assist you.

Log Viewer

Thanks for answering.
At the moment I can not upload the flight record. My computer has problems connecting DJI Assistant for the problem ERROR 10 of Windows 10, when the flight registry can be uploaded.
A greeting.

You don’t need to use DJI Assistant to retrieve your flight log. Follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

You don’t need to use Assistant to get the file. Simply transfer it from your device to your PC, and then upload from there. If you are using IOS, you may need to use Itunes. Just follow the instructions on the link. Unless you are trying to get the aircraft file you dont need it.