Does anyone know how to view and removed video (.mov format) metadata??

I was flying off shore, when coming back in to land some kids were having a great time jumping about for the drone’s camera and watching each other via my viewer. I said I would send their mother a video.
It’s a .MOV which might be for Apple? The PC I normally use runs Windows 7, I can get a macbook but I have very rarely used one.
Not knowing what is stored in the metadata I’d rather remove it, hence my question.
I have had a look at VLC but what I have read suggests the changes it makes are for its handling of the video and not ‘external’. I haven’t a clue what to do with ffmpeg and I am not sure what “removing personal data” etc. via windows properties removes.
Thanks for any answers

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You can right click the video file and choose “Properties” to view the metadata. There shouldn’t be any confidential data attached to the file.

Thanks msinger, that would be under windows and windows explorer, correct?

You should be able to find it there too. Or as I suggested above, just right click the file and choose “Properties” from the menu that pops up.

You are quite honestly wasting your time. There is zero personal information in the Meta Data…

Ta Msinger sorry we seem to have a slight misunderstanding here, your “right click” and my "under windows and windows explorer " are, possibly, the same thing.
Fly_Dawg it’s more the likes of Lat, Long and height etc.i.e. flight data, that I was interested in removing and whilst that may seem a bit daft for a situation where I am sending the videos to the kids’ parents it’s still something I’d like to know how to do.

Did you find the lat and long attached to your video? I’ve never seen that data attached to any videos from my DJI drones.

It is… a sample for you…


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Edit…You did say Video…But Still images are…

Yep, I do see that data on my photos.

Hi Msinger yes I see them as “GPS coordinates” via Picture information extractor 7.00 (PIE), it’s habit to use this (from looking at photos), which is photo exif viewing software.
I haven’t looked using the right click method but I see that that has been shown by Fly-Dawg. I chose a random video and looking at the video and the indicated point on a map the shown coordinates are reasonably accurate. PIE is ‘looking’ at a .mov video.
I haven’t worked out what bit of the video the data refers to but it good enough to say this was shot at location xyz and at a height of abc ABOVE SEA LEVEL.

Edit I have just tried your “right click” and I am not seeing the lat and long etc. However PIE is still seeing them and I have also tried another folder of drone videos with the same results, PIE sees them, “right click” does not.

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I don’t see any type of location information on my videos files with PIE.

Hi MSinger here is a screen capture of PIE, just taken, the coordinates were shown where the red box is

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Did you try that with an MP4? BTW…No offense intended, but you seem extremely paranoid about location data. Around here we get flight data all the time which shows location to within feet, so it is really a non-issue as far as I can see. You are spending a lot of time for zero gain. Just an opinion.

No I haven’t tried it on an mp4.
Re “BTW…No offense intended, but you se”… No offence taken. It’s not so much paranoia about location data but knowing how to remove the metadata in general.
Whilst I might want to post a video or photograph I don’t necessarily want to post make the metadata public domain especially if I don’t know what is included in it.

This is where the issue is. If you make a video ( or still ), in all legal manner, why would you be even remotely concerned as to the location data. You know what is in the video you recorded already. So if there is something to hide, I see your point. Otherwise there is really no reason to do so. Especially since you voluntarily filmed for whomever. They would know the location anyway. Even without the data.

You are correct that in this specific case removing the location data would be pointless, however I would still like to know how to remove the metadata. Aside from that, my opening question concerned metadata in general, not specifically location data.
As to why would I want to remove the data? Maybe I just don’t like the idea of it being ‘out there’ even if I have ‘published’ the imagery and that is a matter of personal preference.

For example what if serial and model numbers are included, they are in my DSLR’s exif data and so can be the serial and model numbers of the lens.