djigo4 data bloat

How to remedy?
Phone bloating internal filing system of android cellphone point nine gigabyte.
Should offload to thumbdrive usb?
Or can not reutilize stow?

Here are some things you can do to reduce the amount of space DJI GO uses:

  • Don’t store/edit photos/videos on your mobile device
  • Don’t cache the maps
  • Delete the cached maps (if you previously cached them)
  • Don’t cache the video
  • Delete the cached video (if you previously cached video)

Ok. I just rc button or screen button video demand but that records inside craft sdcard not craft’s intrinsic 8gb.
That sdcard gets offloaded inside s8 phone usb cabled external ssd. Sdcard emptied returned to aircraft next flight video.
Cache 720p video into sdcard phone not enabled. Rarity are stillshots but they too get reposited into craft sdcard.
But phone memory internal gets pics taken by mavic air for some kind of hansel gretal breadcrumb return trail markup, very low resolution.
The logs accumulated are plentiful crowd.
Here is screenshot of dji internal phone mem

You can also delete the flight logs if you don’t need them.