DJI Vision app for Phantom 2 vision +

I bought a Phantom 2 vision + used and everything is working well. Flies just fine. My problem is the DJI vision app on my Iphone 8. When I open the app it takes me through about 5 screens where I hit next then to the login screen. When I enter my DJI login and password it tells me I’m not connected to the internet. I have tried it connected to wifi and with wifi off connected via 4 g. I even tried it in airplane mode. I know my password and login are fine as I can log on on website. I even reloaded the app but with same results.
Baffled… Any help appreciated…

I also have a phantom2 vision and I can not find any help getting the camera to work on my galaxy note 9 . This has been so frustrating please help.

Ah - I encountered exactly the same problem and have found a work around for it.

It looks like the login servers for the DJI Vision+ application have been taken offline, so the first time on using the application where it prompts to register or login, when you try and verify your login details the application throws an error regardless of whether they are correct or not.

However, what I did find out is that the registration servers are still online, so if you are using the application for the first time on a device that hasn’t previously logged in, all you need to do is to register to a new DJI account and email and then the application will register you correctly and login you in to use the application

This method was verified as working last weekend when I installed the app for the first time on my iPad

HTH! Alex (first post here so Hi everyone)