DJI Summer Sale (up to 20% off)

Save up to 20% on select DJI products in the DJI Summer Sale from now through May 29th for all locations in Europe.


Here’s a complete list of products that have been discounted for this sale:

Mavic 2 Zoom

1249€ → 1149€ (100€ off)


Mavic 2 Zoom with Smart Controller

1749€ → 1649€ (get 100€ off)


DJI Goggles Racing Edition

599€ → 499€ (100€ off)


Osmo Mobile 2

149€ → 119€ (30€ off)


Ronin-S Standard Kit

749€ → 599€ (150€ off)


Ronin-S Essentials Kit

499€ → 449€ (50€ off)


I have 10 coupon codes for the DJI Store that will give you an additional 5% off of any of the items listed above. DJI does not want me to post the codes publicly, so please PM me if you’d like a discount code.

Note: Each discount code can only be used once. Please only ask for a discount code if you’re going to use it right away. Any unused codes will be given to someone else to use.