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DJI Spark - is it worth it?


I am looking to spice up my life, and I want to start documenting the places I go… I have a GoPro HERO 1 that only shoots in 1080p, but I feel it does the job since I’m a broke college kid. Would anybody recommend the DJI Spark to start me off as a drone pilot. From YouTube videos I’ve watched, it seems like the camera quality is about the same as my GoPro, which I’m fine with. Yes? No? Do I pull the trigger on the Spark? PutLocker


The Spark would be a good fit for shooting 1080p footage while traveling. Its small size makes it easy to pack in any bag.

If your budget allows for it, the Mavic Air would be another good choice. It’s nearly the same size when packed up and is superior in many ways. For example, it’s faster, flies further, has 5 more minutes of flight time, shoots RAW photos, and shoots 4K video. You can compare all of the other specs side-by-side here.

Either way you go, you could save some money if you buy a refurbished drone from DJI or used drone from a place like eBay. A bonus of buying a refurbished drone is that it comes with the same 1-year warranty as a brand new DJI drone.