DJi spark fly-away?


This is my first post and I apologize if I have placed my topic in the wrong place. Please advise me if I should move it.


Finally found my log in my phones files and emailed it to myself.

I would love to upload my DJI logs to the online link for further review. My spark flew away in iceland. I can predict plenty of reasons as to why as I have researched a bit from your articles and my correspondence with DJI.

I wanted some professional opinion from you guys, who are far more experts in this world than I am.

Thank you.


Were you following the instructions here?: Log Viewer

I was. Like I said the folder for the Pixel 3xl just says empty.

Bump. Anyone any help?

The logs indicate you had a compass issue starting at approx 7sec after takeoff. At ~22 seconds as you were climbing at full throttle, the aircraft auto-switched to ATTI mode ( As it should with a compass issue ). After that you still had full control of the aircraft except for GPS positioning, which is not available with a compass error ATTI switch. Following your inputs and flight path, it appears you were not experienced in flying without GPS positioning and struggling to regain control. At ~53 sec you lost downlink until ~70sec. The aircraft had drifted further away and there is no way to know what your control inputs were during that time. This does not appear to be an aircraft issue. Since the compass error showed up so soon, went away and came right back for the remainder of the flight. There are two possibilities. Either your launch point was on or near a mettalic surface ( Above or underground ) or two, your compass had been magnetized, possibly by transporting and storage near a magnetic object such as a vehicle speaker etc…

That is awesome information. I appreciate it. No I do not fly without GPS often. Who would? but it wasn’t a lack of control was the issue, it was flying sporadically pretty quickly into the flight. I think you can see by my motions I was trying to get it to circle back to me after it lost GPS but it would not listen to any of my gestures from the remote. Although I am unsure why it says I was escalating its height. I stopped climbing when I lost connection.

That is correct. The red line above is your altitude. The light blue just before signal loss is throttle up.

So I understand what you are saying, especially with that was in the ground. I would say what was in the ground was more the issue here, than anything as Iceland seems to have a lot of metals in the ground.

But how is it my fault? It launched fine, but quickly went hay wire and I never regained control. I don’t see how I could have done anything different…

You recieved a compass error warning at 8 seconds after takeoff. The procedure should be to land immediately. You were only ~30ft or so in altitude, you could have brought the aircraft straight down. It was still in GPS positioning at that point. Additionally, yes I agree that I have heard, not from experience, but from seeeing data from Greenland, that the islands are very mettalic in spots.

Okay, I accept that. I have learned a very valuable lesson with minimal loss besides my drone. I appreciate your expertise.

Take my analysis for what it is. Just that. I do understand the loss, I assure you.