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DJI Spark Fly away (lost)


Haha nope, not at all. I went in with a Garmin GPS navigator which did get signal but the co-ordinates seemed to point in a slightly off direction from what I remember it flying off in. The area I needed to get to was blocked by at least 10 - 15m high jungle cliff face (above a creek), it was raining and I was slipping all over the place. There was potentially a way to get around about 100m downstream but it was extremely thick untouched jungle and I was still unsure if the co-ordinates I had were accurate …so given I was also out of reception and had 8km of track to get back to the car I called it - officially lost!

So if anyone is game to try and get this it’s yours! (will be covered under DJI refresh till 29/12/2018) …but I strongly don’t recommend trying …P.S. Red belly black snakes commonly on this track so wear snake proof gaiters

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