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DJI Spark Disconnect Several Times during Flight

Hi Forum,

Some assistance please. I had a strange issue with my Spark a short while ago - the drone disconnected for a few seconds while in flight…and that happened several times during the flight. I’ve been flying this drone since January and this is the first time I’ve had such an issue. In looking through the flight log, it says “Downlink Restored”, referring to when the reconnect happened.

But is there any way to tell from the log (link: ) what caused the disconnect?

When I was flying earlier today, I had a bit of a hard landing, but nothing too major.

Any ideas that can help me understand what happened?

Many thanks,

Since your Spark did not return home, that means the remote controller was still connected when the downlink dropped. It looks like you were flying in a location that could have potentially had some areas of strong Wi-Fi interference. If that was the case, it could have affected the connection.

Hi, many thanks for the feedback. It may be as you suggested…I tried a flight from a slightly different location last night and did not experience any of the downlink drops.

Thanks for your help.