DJI Smart Controller very un tactile!

Good morning,
Does anyone else have a problem with the touch screen on the smart controller. I find that It respondents very slowly and sometimes I have to tap quite hard to get it to Do anything. I have it set to a 1 finger swipe but don’t see in the menu a way of setting the touch response. It is a pain in the butt when I want to change something quickly. Anyone else or any ideas would be most welcome.

I have some similar thoughts as well. Mine received a protection screen right after I got it, so possibly that might make a difference?
I have a crystal sky screen for one of the other aircraft that I fly, and it’s far worse on the touch part. Questioning whether to do a refresh update on the cs to see if it makes a difference.

Good morning Starz,

Thanks for the response! Funnily enough I have just updated the firmware on the controller so I will see if there is a difference today. I didn’t put a screen protector on so it should, in fact, respond better than if I had?
Anyways, will post again after I try today.
Happy flying.