DJI Repair Practices

GOOD LUCK ! Getting DJI to repair you drone if you dont buy their dji care insurance. My P4P+ had approx. 15 flights on it. The gps started dropping in / out during flight. This drone was like new ! Dji charged me 117.00 to repair it. They said that even though the flight logs showed no crash or operator problem that it had to be my fault ! They replaced both landing gears who had a very small stress crack where the landing gear meets the aircraft. Something that ive seen other people complaing about and they replaced the GPS board also. HERE’S the KICKER ! They dont send you back the same drone. They send one that they deem of equal value ! So even though you have taken great care of and know how many flights and the condition of your drone , you get one that you know nothing about !

DJI Care and Refresh also only replace your sent in drone with a Refurb. Rarely do they ever repair the drone you send in, and then send it back to you. Just the way it is. Faster turnaround by sending out Refurbs immediately, after diagnosis, and then they can do whatever they want with yours, on their schedule, including just cannibalizing it for parts for other repairs.

Good example of why you should read the fine print on whatever warranty you deal with. Exactly why I won’t buy their “refresh”. Cheaper to get an insurance policy. But they do have a good product line.