DJI RC Lost 30s Recovered Suddenly

Hi All , Today i went for another great flight with MM , All was great till i wanted to check the limits, so i went for 370m Distance and around 95m Alt , suddenly i lost RC , …i waited for anything to happen ( FailSafe RTH ) …nothing , i waited to restore connection to RC …for almost 15-20 seconds nothing was happening , i tried to change my location , move the antenna as i learned towards to flight in different postions , pressing on RTH many times , till suddenly i started to get some response and RC got connected again … i uploaded the flight on AirData…cant spot what happened it doesnt say much …just Signal Lost …while in the video on drone it shows for 30s …drone was stuck no moving …not responding …

94m Altitude isnt the Mavic Mini limit i guess … , Please guide me how to take this forward , do i need to open a ticket with DJI ? wh

Most likely just downlink loss. RTH will not initiate until full signal loss. You would still have control of the aircraft.

That is normal. No downlink=No telemetry.

Share the Airdata log if you wish.