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DJI Phantom 3 Standard

I had what I thought was a minor crash a couple of weeks ago. I replaced the broken pins that hold the gimbal and plugged in the gimbal cable. When I turned it on the camera worked, but there was a “Battery Error” message. Another small type message warned of a motor overload. I got a new battery, but that did not help. The lights on the battery indicate a full change while the screen icon indicates a near zero charge.
Obviously the “Battery Error” problem is internal in the drone and not the battery. Are there any trouble-shooting guides that might help? Is this worth repairing?
There is a screenshot showing the error message here: 20210510 drone repair - randrews4

Inspect your drones battery communication pins, they should be spring loaded and function properly to connect to the battery inserted to the craft.
These are located on the same terminal as the main battery terminals. Ensure the wires connected to the battery comms are not damaged or dislodged from the crafts’ electronic boards. All the battery info is obtained from the two battery comms pins.