Dji OcuSync signal breaking up under 2 miles

I bought the OcuSync air system with RE goggles, but the signal quality starts to suffer under 2 miles. I have tried different antennas without any success.
According to dji, I should be able to go 7km.

See the video and recommend solution.

Or you could fly legally in line of sight and not put other air users lives at risk with struid stunts.

Maybe he had a spotter.

You must be flying a mavic2 series.
Known issue if that what you’re flying. You will not get a mavic2 series to get very much range at all with these aircraft. Zoom or pro. The best one for the re goggles will be the phantom 4 Pro V2.

Please watch the end of the video so you can see the plane I was flying. It is a Ocusync air unit on a fixed-wing, not quad copter.
Yes I had a spotter besides our club rule dictates having a spotter and flying line of sight.

My mistake.