DJI Not Turning On

Hello all
I purchased a DJI mini 2 a couple of years ago, used it a few times no problems. came to turn it on after not using it for several months and it wont turn on. Click the button, no lights. I plug the drone in and 2 lights come on, one after the other and has been sitting like that for a few hours and no change. Still, when i unplug it and try turning it on, nothing happens.

Anyone got any ideas please?

Thank you

When did you last use that battery? Was it really several months ago or more like two years ago?

It was about 10 months ago

Ah, that’s enough time to possibly damage a DJI battery – even more so if the battery had a low charge when you last stored it away. Assuming you’re charging it via a charging method supported by DJI, then it probably needs to be replaced.

You can find a similar case here: