DJI mini won't move forward.

It drives me crazy. My DJI Mini won’t fly forward.

I can feel that the drone has to move forward in order to hold its position.
So if I move the joystick full throttle forward it basically doesn’t move.
The app always warns of strong wind although there is none.

So I only can fly forward if I have tailwind or it moves slowly if I fly in sportm.
It also has issues with drifting backwards. Especially when it takes off.
In contrast to my Mini 2 the Mini 1 always don’t want to take off because of a " too high pitch angle" (sorry for the bad translation) although it is perfectly even.

I checked everything:
I calibrated compass, imu and joysticks.
Put on new original props.(they are in the correct position)
The motors are clean and all have the same resistance.
Newest firmware.