I lost my Mini SE drone today after its first ‘real’ flight away from the back garden.

Unfortunately it seems to have flown off and I couldn’t get it back.

I had full signal, home set before setting off and had a very small test flight to approximately 30 metres away before bringing it back.

I then switched the mode to ‘S’ mode and moved it forwards.

As I did so the drone ascended and flew away to my north and I lost video feed over a golf course. The controller and GPS signal appeared to have stopped at the entrance to the golf course.

However looking at the log using the viewer it seems to have gone much further than I originally thought.

I pressed the return to home button twice, however the drone kept going and appears to have possibly hit a house and came back down to earth.

The odd thing I note that it appears to have displayed errors quite quickly switching to the S mode.

Can anyone take a look at the log and see what they think and offer any assistance?

Thanks]DJI Flight Log Viewer -

That is correct. This appears to be a very rare true fly away. At ~50 seconds, immediately after switching to Sport mode, the VPS shut down, and the altitude values went negative. This would be ok, if you were flying below your takeoff point. The GE terrain profile shows your flight path is fairly flat, but near the end of the data it shows almost -1300ft. Additionally, initiating RTH did nothing. GPS shut down at ~80 seconds and the aircraft switched to ATTI ( Manual control only). Not much you can do under a circumstance as this appears to be. I would suggest submitting this data to DJI. Possibly an IMU failure. I realize this is a busy chart, but it shows what I was describing to you.