DJI Mini SE Range Issues

Good afternoon. I had a question in regards to my DJI Mini SE. I am in a fairly unpopulated location. Few trees, buildings and objects. When I fly my drone, I get 500-600 feet before it starts lagging then disconnects and comes back. Im wondering if anyone has any tips of range. I was looking online, it said almost 4km when flying the Mini SE. So anyone have any ideas.
Thanks, Connor.

Just to keep the topic open a going… Beside there being few trees or buildings, how high were you when you were at the distance (500-600 feet) that the drone starts lagging and disconnects?

How about electronic interference, high tension towers, cell phone towers, microwave towers, etc…?

Describe “lagging” and “disconnecting” before it Returns to Home. Does the video stutter then freeze? When the App freezes, can you still control the drone with the controller?

Does it happen all the time or intermittently (now and then).

The 4Km range is an overly optimistic figure. DJI says I should get 30+minutes flying time with my Mini 2, but at 25-minutes, my baby is screaming, “Bring me home, I don’t want to die…”

Are you following all transmission protocols? Are you pointing the antenna at the drone, are all units phone/tablet, controller, and Drone batteries, fully charged?

Have you read the User Manual, if so, have youread it again to catch all that you missed the first time?

Here is a link to all of the downloads offered by DJI for the Mini SE, including the User Manual.

After you read the Manual, read it again, you will be surprised what you missed the first time and you will be better prepared for that first “scary moment…”