Dji mini 3 shutting down

Hello. Someone gifted me this mini 3 (with the non screen transmiter) i was flying it and it worked fine for a few days. yesterday it started shutting down while in the air. It happened like 5 times. While i am flying it randomly says : lost signal and then i watch the drone crashing down. Last time it also broke the front i am asking do i even repair the arm, because i dont feel like flying it if its gonna keep falling at random times? More info : happened with 3 different batteries. All batteries full . It happened in the first 5 minits of flight. I also tryed with 2 different phones. Still crash. Transmitter full battery all times. 2 times happened while over some houses 3 times over some trees( no signal disruptions). The app was downloaded from the site. I dont know where the log files are ( i dont have any other related apps so i dont think they exist). 3 times of the 5 happened while RTH

Are you saying it powered off and crashed to the ground? Considering this happened with 3 different batteries, I’d guess either the batteries were not inserted properly or there’s some kind of hardware issue preventing the battery from making a solid connection when the battery is inserted into the drone.

What i ment was : i dont think its the batteries coz it happened with eather one of the 3 i have. Also i am not actually sure if it shutdown becouse of the crash or it crash becouse it shut down in the air.

That would be easy to confirm by reviewing one of your TXT flight logs. You can find instructions for locating those flight logs here.

My DJI Mini 3 shut down over water. My brother flies Mini 3 Pro. It shut down and crashed over land. Have examined flight data for toggle movements for both drones. No unexplained movements. No Stop input. Both suffered uncommanded STOP. Any ideas?
Batteries full, weather perfect.
Have you heard of this STOP happening before.

No. Can you share your TXT flight logs here?

Go to YouTube Markrob3 or Peter Roberts Ballina. Loading documents here is beyond me. Hope this helps

@Billkati : Is this perhaps why it was gifted to you?

Not given to me Nobody else has touched it

Sorry, that was intended for the OP @Billkati
"Someone gifted me this mini 3 (with the non screen transmiter) "

Still trying to get Flight Data to you

New users not allowed.Cannot post TXT file

@Peter1 please try to attach it again now.

DJIFlightRecord_2023-09-27_[10-44-17].txt (80.2 KB)

DJIFlightRecord_2023-09-27_[10-44-17].txt (80.2 KB)

@Peter1 there’s nothing unusual about that flight log – other than the last line where the RC.downlinkSignal changes from 100 % to %0 in 0.1 second. That seems to indicate some kind of immediate power loss. And that would also explain what you experienced when the drone dropped out of the sky.

The most common cause for an issue like this is an improperly inserted battery (not fully inserted). While less likely, the battery connectors could be damaged too.

Where was the battery when you recovered your drone? Or was the water too deep to recover anything?

Thanks for your reply. Drone not recovered. Water. This was my 3rd drone. It was new ( 12 minutes total flight time ). Could only be pilot vulnerability.

Did you actually see it go into the water? The last recorded position was on the shore.

High tide. Went in. Lost