DJI MINI 2 SE stuck at localization before take off

Hello there, i am new in this forum and an enthousiastic drone starter. I bought a Mini 2 SE, and the fly app went fine with my phone (Android 5);
I had to change my phone (Android 13) and could not load the app. Instead i downloaded the Fly app to my tablet (Samsung Galaxy A7-Android 12), and after a lot of headache it finally worked.

However, the app gets stuck before taking off as it keeps on searchinf for the ‘localization’.
I enabled this in the settings of the app. The drone is connected to the remote controller.
With my old phone, it was piece of cake, but this time it’s a no.

Did you try installing the current version of DJI Fly from here?

You were asked if you downloaded the Fly App from a DJI web site, and sometimes, not many times, it does not go well and you need to reload… Be sure to uninstall the old version, turn off and then back on, or just Restart the device before re-installing…

Your device has not been tested to be comparable with the Fly App and it is not DJI’s fault and you cannot blame DJI, there are so many, many phones and tablets and new models are coming out every day… Each device’s manufacture tries to make their device more special then the competitors and these changes might conflict with the necessary resources in your device’s memory or processor.

I fly the Mini 2 (a slightly upgraded version of your SE) and I use three different Android devices, a Motorola Moto G Smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S2 Tablet (from 2017), and a Samsung Galaxy A8 Tablet (2022). And all work fine with Fly App Version 1.12.8.

However, when I first loaded the 1.12.8, the app froze up both of the tablets… to get past this issue, I had to increase the Zoom Level in the Display setting of the Main Setting Menu.

Good Luck if you still have issues, visit this site for a more compatible device…