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DJI Mini 2 has survived hell...


I’d like to share a story because it’s incredible.

I have crashed my DJI Mini 2 into a tree at an altitude of about 50m. After dropping all the way down, it hit the ground so hard that it bounced to a rocky slope, fell into a mountain river, drifted 5 meters and sunk.

Outcome - it was fine but shaky, after replacing all propellers it’s like new.

I’ve made a clickbait video out of it

Do you have similar survival stories about Mini drones?


I crashed my mini 1 into my house, picked it up and thing still flew fine… I figured it would but what really surprised me was 1 day I tried new blades from Amazon and big mistake because they are completely incompatible for the drone and they hit the drone about 50 meters up and it fell like a brick out of the sky into my swimming pool… I got the drone and took the battery out and put the drone and battery in a bag of rice… the battery would not take a charge but next day I powered the drone on and thing flew mint lol

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Hah, those little bastards are tough. That rice thing is a myth though. Just let it dry in a warm place. Applying a hair dryer might help but too hot is bad too.