Dji Mavic pro Tactical ground station With Modded Rc

I’m just wondering if anyone has experience of the Titan Dji Mavic pro Tactical ground station With Modded Rc.

Any thoughts / advice would be appreciated.

Might as well get the Mavic 2. It has a stock 5 mile range, and a vastly improved sensor on the Pro, or a 2x optical zoom on the Zoom version. No star wars equipment necessary! :sunglasses:

I found a second hand Titan ground station which is much … much cheaper than a new Mavic 2. Besides, the 5k range means absolutely nothing to me as I never stray from VLOS. I don’t know how good your eyesight is but if you can see a drone at 5k away then you’ve super powers lol lol lol. I’m not ready for another new drone to add to my collection, my Mavic Pro meets all my needs at present.

What I’m looking for is absolutely assured signal strength between the controller and the Mavic therefore I’m happy to make a purchase to minimise as much risk as possible.

Thanks for the feedback though :+1:

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The stronger 5 mile M2 range assures an even stronger signal in close, just like the Titan setup was designed to extend the range by amping up the signal, and the Mavic 2 FPV on the monitor is in 1080p, instead of only 720p. However, if you are never flying BVLOS, both solutions are complete overkill, whether on a Mavic Pro or M2, as that also means you are never obstructing the LOS from the RC to the drone, which is the only way you will ever lose signal within VLOS range, which means you can no longer see the drone either, and are therefore no longer VLOS compliant. Not really sure what you are trying to accomplish that isn’t already present, within the parameters you have specified.

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Signal assurance and leaving nothing to chance I suppose for my own piece of mind. :+1:

Unnecessarily adding in the complexity of the Titan setup only adds another potential point of failure, IMHO. Keep it simple and you’ll have less to worry about. Learn how to deal with loss of signal by practicing it, by shutting off the RC, in a controlled environment, so you don’t panic when it happens. Set a proper RTH elevation, and record an accurate Home Point, and set the appropriate setting for the loss of signal behavior you desire (hover, land, or RTH). That’s the best way. Good luck.

I’ve flown for many years RC aircraft both fixed wing and multi rotor so I consider myself quite skilled in my abilities and competency. I tend to look at things like this more as assistance aids rather than ‘more things to go wrong’ therefore I welcome enhancements.

I went with the purchase, I’m so glad I did. Fantastic piece of equipment which has opened the door to my flying even wider.

If your goal is signal stability, you will blow any other stock DJI aircraft away with that setup! What I love about the M2 is that both the aircraft and controller with a 5 mile range can fit in my hands.
Here is my 30 minute package and my one hour package.

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I totally agree, I have both ‘travel light’ and ‘day out’ abilities … it depends on what I’m doing really.

I know i can fly well and handle issues without getting excited during flight etc but what I am rubbish at is using the camera properly. So I’m trying to teach myself (not just for happy snaps) how to make the most out of the cameras and try to produce some excellent photographs and good film footage to a good standard. Some of the pictures and film footage that some OP post on these sites is absolutely stunning. If I can get anywhere near that I would be a happy man.

Distance doesn’t bother me as I fly VLOS at all times but the ground station is all self contained and when connected to the case the video feed and signal strength is absolutely rock solid no matter what is happening interference / atmospherics wise. This unit just helps broaden my horizon and learning capabilities massively. I’ve used it several times now and I’m thoroughly impressed,