dji mavic pro platinum lost

I have lost my dji mavic pro platinum on a lake with no visibilty and i am trying to open the files from the remote controller, which i have taken on pc with the help of dji assistant. Does anyone knows how they open? I have already open the flight data from the app, but as the app chrashed while it was still in the air and i moved with the rc a little bit, i believe it hasn’t recorded the real latest position. I have already searched the app’s latest position three days now.
Thanks in regard

You can upload and view TXT flight logs online here. You’ll find instructions there for locating the TXT file. If you’d like other people to review and comment on your flight log, then please post a link here after you upload it.

I have already tried that and they still don’t open. Would you like to send you the files in an email just to check if I’m doing anything wrong?
I would much appreciate that as I came back at this place just for the weekend to search it. I didn’t find anything at the place from the flight data and have checked ten meters in perimeter.

The files you emailed me are not TXT files. If you follow the instructions at the above link, you should be able to easily find them. If you need help, please let me know what happens when you attempt to locate the TXT files.

I have already found the txt file from the flight data and opened it but I can’t found the drone at the place given. Also as the app crashed and I moved it for around one minute that the battery was adequate I hoped that the files from the remote controller could give me some more information. The drone definitely landed it in the lake due to lack of battery. But i didn’t have image at the phone and i didn’t see where it was. Anyway thanks for your time.