DJI Mavic behaving strange

Today while flying my DJI Mavic over a valley, it failed to come back to it’s original position for landing. Drone was not able to cross an imaginary boundary it seems (felt like someone was blocking it from coming back). Although I had the control throughout the flight and the drone was moving in all the other directions, but not to the starting point.
Is this something strange? Drone Jammer?

I cannot say for sure exactly why you have not received an answer yet, but I would venture a guess that your query is much like, “My drone is broke, how do I fix it?”

You do not give any specifics, just to name a few, how many satellites, were you flying in a location where GeoFencing might play into it (near airports for instance…), did you screw around with the settings (changing max height or distance, RTH location after takeoff, etc…), were you near power lines, or cell towers, etc… how far away was the drone, were you flying FPV and it was out of sight?

Of course, I remember Dubai being flat with very few valleys; I believe they use jammers over there to protect their privacy… But any case, you need to be more specific if you want help…

Pretend you are taking your car to a mechanic and you tell s/he that it goes “wiggity-wiggity” and your mechanic is going to ask, “All the time or when accelerating or when stopping or only at a steady speed and at what speed…?”

Get my point?

I would recalibrate the drones compass and the IMU. When you took off, did you let the drone hover for a few seconds so it gets a good GPS location?

Thanks! I should have been more specific. Here are the details:

1- I was flying in India above a valley (few electric poles visible in the area)
2- My drone is DJI Mini
3- The altitude was set at 15m
4- It wasn’t a no fly zone
5- I wasn’t logged into my account ( I realised that after the flight ; popped up as a warning message on my screen continuously)
6- RTH didn’t work as it took the drone to a farther location everytime
7- I was able to control the drone throughout the flight time
8- I was able to maneuver the drone in all directions; except to it’s starting location (where I was standing)
9- Distance between the starting location and the drone was ~40m beyond which the drone was not able to cross
10- Wind was not strong

Note: I had to forcefully land the drone into the valley. Few locals approached me and charged 1K rupees to fetch the drone from the valley. Within 5mins they got back with the drone.

Yes I did hover it for few mins. Point to note: My device wasn’t connected to the internet.

Thank you for the information. I guess you were lucky to be able to “buy” your Drone’s freedom and have it sacrificed to Kali…

But, back on point, the important point is that you were not logged onto your account. Your drone may operate differently, under different rules, based on the country that you bought the drone in.

The RTH issues sound like you did not have enough satellites linked for the drone to establish its home location.

If your drone was flying without enough locked Satellites, your drone would be flying in Atti Mode (Attitude Mode…). Excerpt below is from the User Manual…

I fly the Mini 2 and I always ensure I am flying with the latest software/firmware updates. Since your drone is an older model that was sold in Europe or Asia, are you using the DJI Go App or the DJI Fly App and I recommend you go to the DJI Mini Web Site and check the correct software and latest version.

Below is the link to all of the downloads offered by DJI for the Mavic Mini. You will also find the 49-page Mavic Mini’s User Manual, in case your Drone did not come with one.

Finally, in the future, if you experience a problem, immediately get a Screen Shot of the screen on your phone or tablet. Depending on the model of phone or tablet, the screen shot is often taken by merely swiping your hand across the screen or a quick push of the power button and low volume button. Check Google to see what method works for your device. It will be useful in determining possible issues.

Good Luck