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DJI Mavic Air 2 Screen freezes in Flight

A few times I was flying my Mavic Air 2 drone, the video image lags, making it feel like my flight is not in Real-time. Video freezes during flight and, my app crashes. I can still control my drone in flight with my controller but without visuals on my phone. When I turn the app on again, I have visual but only for a moment because the video freezes again. After landing my drone, the video is still on as if I’m still flying but at a very slow frame rate. This issue is becoming very dangerous because it is happening frequently. Any suggestions?

It is not “dangerous”, since you have to keep your aircraft in sight at all times, and as stated, your controller is still connected and you have full control of the flight. This is how all RC aircraft were flown before camera drones in recent years!

You didn’t state what model of phone you are using. Most likely it is not on the DJI list of supported models. However, many of the “supported” models are still too underpowered to actually use in real life for any amount of time. This is because the app functionality is requiring the phone processor to operate maxed out and overheat, especially now in the summer months. Depending on the phone model, it will slow down the processor to reduce heat, or shut down completely.

You can turn off some functionality to reduce the demand, such as downlink video recording to the phone; but in this situation, you should consider a newer/faster phone or tablet.