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Dji mavic air 2 phone compatibility query

So pleased to have found a dedicated dji site! I’m getting my ma2 tomorrow fingers crossed very excited!!!

Having studied for many hours i decided the ma2 fly more combo would be a good middle ground first drone.

Can anyone help me in terns of phone compatibility… I have a honor 10 lite. It seems to have all the required specs buy isn’t listed on dji list on line.

Thanks in advance folks.

It’s not a commonly used device, but you could certainly try it before buying one of the recommended/supported devices. The aircraft is only flown with the remote controller, so the worst that’ll happen is the DJI Fly app won’t run as expected.

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Thanks very much I’ll give it a go

The dji go fly app has installed successfully I’ll take that as a positive :+1:

The fact that it installed does not mean that it will work. You need a speedy processor to handle this bird. Older iPads don’t work. It needs a pretty late model processor to work.

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