DJI Mavic 3 Pro Transmission Issue

Hi, I recently bought a Mavic 3 Pro with a RC.

I’ve been flying for about four years, mainly with a Mavic Air. I was very impressed with the Mavic 3 Pro is basically every aspect. However, a few days ago I was flying it over a marsh when the RC lost connection and was never able to reestablish connection. I tried everything from exiting the app and trying to reconnect, to initiating return to home, to even shutting the RC down. None of these worked and I never saw the drone again. I was able to get in touch with DJI and they’re sending a replacement, but with the investigation they were not able to come up with anything conclusive, as the transmission ended right when the RC lost contact. I’m happy that $2000 didn’t just go down the drain, but I’m also left in the dark about this. I never had this problem with my Mavic Air, and I don’t want something like that to happen again. Was there something else I could’ve done? What could’ve caused this in the first place? Thanks if you read this far. I’m just wary about flying the replacement until I have something more concrete on what may have gone wrong.

Did you hear a gunshot just before the drone signal was lost? Perhaps someone thought the drone was being run by a revenuer and they did not want the drone videoing their still… (L :smile: L)
(sorry about your loss but glad DJI came through for you…)


Hey Matthew. That was some serious issues to say the least! Did you have the DJI Care Refresh or did DJI replace your lost drone anyway?

I lost com last week with my Mavic 3, but is was probably due to a temporary contact error… I did initiate the Return to Home, and it worked. During the RTH face, I closed the app, disconnected the connectors from both my iPad and RC, and started up the app again. And there she was again! Scary scenario to loose connection and image. I’m so glad it worked out fine for you. /Lars, Sweden


Hi Matt, sorry for your troubles. I think something must have happened to the drone. I had my Mavic 2 Pro go to far so that nearby trees blocked the signal. When my drone lost contact with the controller, I simply turned off the controller and the drone did a RTH on its own, as advertised in the manual. I haven’t tried that with my Mavic 3 Cine but I imagine it would do the same (?) That’s why I think something happened to your drone. Glad that DJI took care of you.

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Replacement came in today. Took it out for a test flight and everything seems fine again. I’m hoping it was just a fluke. I had to use a care refresh but I’m at least glad I can continue shooting without worrying about an investment that big.