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DJI Goggles ; bad vision with glasses


Hi, I am presbyopic (between 2.5 and 3.0). Is there anybody who encounter my problem?
I tried everything but I am still disappointed and my eyes are working hard, inside the goggles for accomodation.
My last solution is to put a block on my front to make the goggles farer and better for accomodation. Thanks.


What have you tried so far?


Hi, First, obviously, I left progressives glasses. I tried whitout any. I tried 2.5 magnifying glasses then 3.0. I tried opposite setting of the goggle scroll wheel. There was still this bad impression of hard work of my eyes, which dissipate slowly when “outside”. No, at that time the good solution is the one described; a 1cm hold on top of goggles to be a bit farer from the screen, helpfully. Thanks for your help and answer


DJI makes corrective lenses that fit inside of the DJI Goggles. While they’d be more convenient/comfortable than wearing glasses, I don’t know that it would be an easier on your eyes.


Yeeess! Thanks for your help. Ididn’t see that. I’ll try immediatly and tell you if successful. Olivier


Hi, I received my corrective lenses today, tried them and IT’S FABULOUS. No pain, correct view inside…
Your idea was very useful Thanks. For readers with the same trouble, follow exactly the advice to choose; take 1.0D more than your prescription. Easy to install, confortable. IF you buy more than one pair, put immmediatly a sticker on them with the correction (there is no indication on lenses so you could mix the parts) Olivier


Great news! I’m happy to hear that resolved your issue.