DJI Go4 & Apple Mini 4

Just bought a new Apple Mini 4 (11/218) can’t get the DJI Go4 app to download to the Ipad. Looks like it downloads but can’t find it anywhere. Apple support can’t help. Anyone figured it out.

Thank you

When you open the App Store and search for “dji go 4”, you should see the “OPEN” button if DJI GO 4 is installed. And you can click that button to open the app.

If it’s installed (as shown above), the icon is somewhere on the iPad Mini home screen. Try swiping right or left on the iPad Mini screen to see if it’s located on another screen.

Thanks, yes I know how it should respond, but I spent 4-5 hrs playing with it and it just wouldn’t download. Then I hooked the Ipad to my PC & things change, it took the download & installed, duh!! I was able to connect to the web with the Ipad so I have no idea why hooking to the PC made the dif, but it did soooo all is good, thanks

Hi Guys, i fly with a Mavic Pro w/ a IphoneX. I decided to go with the I-PhoneX instead since I will be doing an upgrade to the Dji Crystal View display. Anyhow, I was going to go with the IPAD MINI 4 but I did want have to pay an extra $30.00 bucks a month since I wanted to have cellular&wifi for the ipad. I have heard of people just using the Ipads with the Wifi only but if you go that route & don’t have cellular you can’t get google maps, it will not work properly. There are some people having trouble with the new iPHONEx with the screen not responding but mine works as smooth as ice! I myself have has zero problems not to mention Its the best Iphone i have ever used since I am a HUGE MAC fan… Anyways, just wanted to let others know that the IphoneX works awesome with the dji Go Pro app. My Dji set up w/Iphonex