DJI Go will not open on older Samsung device

Hello, first time poster and new Phantom pilot here.

I have used my Phantom 3 Advanced with my phone and regular tablet and it works fine, but the phone is too small and the tablet is a little too heavy for the controller.

I purchased a used Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as a nice, middle ground compromise, but I can’t get the DJI Go app to open on it. I download the software and it gives me confirmation that it has installed, but when I try to open the app it freezes exactly seven seconds into the boot sequence and the screen goes blank. At exactly eleven seconds, the app closes and a message pops up to say “Unfortunately the DJI Go app has stopped.” This repeats in exactly the same pattern even after uninstalling and deleting the cache and memory files, and restarting the tablet.

I have tried deleting the app from Google Play and downloading the version 3.1.72 APK file directly from the DJI website (after selecting the Android feature allowing installation of third party apps) with the identical result.

I have tried installing older versions of the app from APKPure and the result is the same, until I install the pre-2015 versions. These also result in a freezing of the app at the title screen (right before the introductory promotional video can launch) with the difference that it takes a few seconds longer and an error message about an out of date map appears immediately before the app freezes. Once the error message stating “unfortunately the DJI Go app has stopped” is acknowledged, the older versions of the app immediately try to re-boot with the same result. This would seem to go on endlessly in a cycle of boot-freeze-crash-reboot unless I stop the app myself.

I have checked the DJI compatibility list and the Galaxy Tab 2 in my model is there. My specs:
Model: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, GT-P3113
Android Ver 4.2.2
Kernel ver 3.0.31-1978026

Any suggestions?

Unless I am mistaken, DJI GO has issues with Jelly Bean. ( 4.2.2 ) which you stated was the Android version. The minimum is 4.1.2 for DJI GO. That plus the fact that there have been so many updates to GO over the years, its not surprising. I’ve been using a TAB S2 ( SMT-710 ) for years without issue. Currently running Nougat.

You wrote that you bought this “as a nice, middle ground compromise,” so I assume it’s only for the droning… Other folks are using the Tab 2 with the Go App without problem…

So, here is my advice, It’s a used Tablet so do a complete Factory Reset, Start fresh, do not do a Google Restore after the Reset, keep the Tablet as clean and free of extraneous stuff as the day it was new.

You are correct, it is only for use with the drone.

Unfortunately, upon closer look I have a specific Tab 2 model that does not support the DJI Go software. This tablet just isn’t going to work, so I’ll try to sell it for whatever I can get on kijiji.

Thankfully I was able to find an Acer tablet of the same rough dimensions on Amazon for a very low price that is on the list of DJI Go supporting devices.

Thank you for the reply!

You are most welcome. It’s nice to know that everything worked out for you.

Good Luck and Fly Safe…