Dji go stopped working

Last used my phantom 3 adv November 2019 got my drone out and tried to connect to the go app on my samsung galaxy tab and every time I click on the go app the picture comes up it then goes off and goes back to my main app page every time I try it uninstalled app and 're installed it and it still does the same, when I switch my controller on there is a red flashing light and a beeping noise

Welcome to the forum Brooke.
The solid red left LED and a beep indicates that the RC is not connected to the AC.
Have you tried re binding the AC to the RC…

Heres the link…

I have installed dji go on my mobile phone which I couldn’t before and my controls and my drone work from my phone, the problem is I am unable to install the go app on my galaxy tab e at all which I could before the update in November 2019

Which version of the DJI App are you using now? You will see here… that it is not compatible with most Galaxy Tabs including the “E”.

Just this minute got it sorted out, what I have had to do is down load a early version of dji go how I did it was went onto settings click on security tick unknown sources then go to goggle crome and go onto and in search put in dji go then go onto dji go then further down page you will find the earlier versions click and download that version when you have downloaded it follow instructions when you have downloaded it go onto play store and then settings and turn off automatic updates so it does not update your older version, now I need to conect to my drone. I would like to thank you for your help Daryl

Great news Brooke, glad I could be of help.
I also have the P3A which I inherited from my son and we stupidly updated everything to the latest firmware and software and nothing worked. It took my son four hours to revert everything back to an older version and it works just fine.
By the way, who’s Daryl - you?


Yes my name is Daryl, Brooke is my nickname if you are on instagram I am called Brookemotersport

You sound British? I’m in E.Devon!

Yes I am from the UK I live in North yorkshire a place called york

Lovely scenery around there for flying, as we have here with Exmoor and Dartmoor on the doorstep. I’m in a little village called Culmstock,
Happy flying🤣