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DJI FPV drone has been released!

The DJI FPV drone has just been released by DJI!

Notable features:

  • Immersive Flight Experience
  • 4K/60fps Super-Wide FOV
  • RockSteady Stabilization
  • 0-62 MPH in 2 seconds
  • Top speed of 87 MPH
  • Emergency Brake & Hover
  • 6.2 mile range with OcuSync 3.0
  • Easily Replaceable Parts

More details:

It’s now available here in the DJI Store and here on Amazon.


Wow $1299 !! Think I’ll be waiting for awhile on this. Features look great and most components are replaceable but will add to total when something breaks.

What could possibly go wrong when flying 87 MPH? :slight_smile:

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I’m wanting this but just worried about the goggles … are they glasses friendly does anyone know ?

According to Drone Rush:

Another option would be to buy diopter lenses – as shown here:

Doesn’t look that robust Flytpath flipped his and cracked arm on back snd another video I saw guy didn’t hit the panic button in time and broke off 3 arms and camera .Even Joshua Bardwell who is too FpV clipped a tree by mistake and arm snapped off . They should have made those in carbon fibre . So for cruising looks good or some dives but Bando in and out it won’t survive

I think I’m going to try them on first … try before you buy as the saying goes.