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DJI FPV drone electronic transplant, possible?

To me, the DJI FPV drone does not crash well , Like those fiber carbon frame quads.
Has anybody tried doing a transplant of the DJI FPV drone electronics to an aftermarket carbon fiber frame.

Comparing the DJI FPV to any carbon fiber frame would be along the line of comparing apples to oranges. The DJI air unit is already being use on several carbon fiber frames. I’m sure the FPV hardware could be re-installed on a different frame, but would be very time consuming.

probably in time, there will be an aftermarket frame that is designed to transplant the electronics of the dji fpv drone

Doubtful that any manufacturer will make that attempt. Market for that particular product would be very limited.

I think I could put my Tello ryze body in my phantom 3