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DJI FPV drone camera/video icon, help needed

When I press and hold the camera button on the remote - toggle from video to photo (still) , I noticed that the camera icon doesn’t change.

But I noticed that the SD card for the goggles disappears , only the SD card on the drone is displayed.
(which would signify that the drone only in capable of doing a photo)

When I click/press the camera button on the remote, the SD card will display a circle to signify it is making a photo shot.

If it is in video mode, it will display a timer .

Is this how it should be, or when I toggle between video and photo the icon will change to a camera icon or to recorder icon, depending on what mode you select.

I posted this a day ago. It looks like nobody uses the still camera mode. Maybe someone will eventually reply

I don’t have the DJI FPV, but you can maybe also post your question in the DJI forum for additional assistance if no one responds here.