DJI Fly App tablet compatible? /mini 2

Still looking for an android tablet that can be used with my mini 2 and the DJI Fly app that I don’t have to try and get to work reliably by going into the developer settings to try and get it to work. Have already bought a couple tablets that were supposed to work and do not. I would appreciate your comments as I really can’t afford to buy another tablet that does not work. Thank you for your time in replying!

I know where you’re coming from here! DJI don’t provide a comprehensive list of compatible tablets/devices. I’m not very IT savvy, but I’m told that it needs to be a 64gb tablet? I’m going to purchase the Lenovo M10 Plus (£200, UK Sterling) from Amazon, because Lenovo assure me that it will work with the DJI Fly app? Apparently, the OS is Android and no issues have been reported. I’ve just got to wait a couple of weeks until I get paid! Fingers crossed for us both!

Not sure what your budget is for a tablet but I highly recommend the Tripltek 8" pro. It has Android 10 and works with DJI Fly app so Mini2, Air2, Air2S and the new Mavic 3 fly great. Very bright screen in the sun and no dimming in the heat either.

I would love to have a Triptek for sure. I don’t think my wife of 49 years would be my wife of 50 years if I spent more money on a tablet than I did my drone. I still have a P3 I bought when they first came out that I don’t fly that she us giving me the stink eye for! Ha ha. Picked up a Galaxy tab 7 lite that works but is very large withe the video.

This. I could not justify the cost of the Tripltek so I ended up getting a used Galaxy Tab A 7. It is ok but only has 3 gigs of ram and is laggy. I have a friend with a Galaxy S6 with 4 gigs of ram. Have used it with my mini 2 and it seems to work great. Now of I can just get it from him for a good price!

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Ha Ha! I know that one, Archangel! I’ve had to settle for the Lenovo M10 Plus (4GB and 64GB ram), but I don’t know whether it works as I only got it today? Fingers crossed! I don’t know why, because the weather here in the UK is bad atm and it probably won’t improve over the next month or two, so I could’ve waited a while, really? Plus, with all the ‘Big Brother’ stories I’m hearing about drones, I may even say, 'f*ck it and pursue another, less regulated hobby! With the drone, backpack and insurances, it’s cost me nearly a grand!