DJI Fly app on 2019 Samsung Tablets?


Question from a new Mavic Mini owner (so new, that FedEx just dropped it off!) I’d like to purchase a phone or tablet to use dedicated with the Mini’s controller (my phone w/case is too bulky). I was considering picking up a used phone, but then saw that the 2019 model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" - Model SM-T290NZKCXAR was on sale for Black Friday/CyberMonday. I was wondering if the DJI Fly app will work on this tablet. I ordered one but I don’t have the tablet in hand yet.

I did search the “Best Tablets and Phones for DJI Fly” chart, but I did not find this model tablet listed. It looks like there are not very many Android tablets that work with DJI Fly. I may have to return the tablet and just pick up a compatible phone.

Thanks in advance!

DJI just doesn’t support any tablets right now. That doesn’t mean all tablets won’t work. If a tablet currently works with DJI GO 4, it will also likely be able to run DJI Fly.

Okay. I’m looking at phones on Swappa. I was thinking of an OG Pixel especially since the OG Pixel runs Android 10. I’m also looking at the LG V20 because of the size and that it would be similar to having a tablet. I just think a tablet would be better because of more screen real estate and it would be nice to see things on a larger screen.