DJI Fly App -- Older Phones Supported by Older Versions?

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I just noticed that DJI has dropped many phones (e.g., iPhone 6 and LG G2) from from its current DJI-Fly-compatible list, relative to one I copied a couple of years ago.

I’m shopping for an older, used, cell phone just for running the app in order to save money, but first I need to know whether there is some earlier version of the app that will be compatible with it. (I already learned from this site how to download these earlier versions online, though not from the DJI site of course.) I did not save all the earlier versions of their compatible list, not realizing until now that they would be dropping phones.

Is it just that the current version of the Fly app is no longer compatible with phones that used to be on the list? In that case, how do I find the most recent version is compatible with these earlier phones?

I know from experience that I won’t get a useful response from DJI, so I’m hoping somebody here has solved this problem. – jclarkw

I think it most likely means they are only choosing to support a limited number of phones (like they’ve done for years). The fact that they don’t support a phone doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot run DJI Fly.

If you already own a device that’s not supported, go ahead and see if it works. If you’re going to be buying a new device, I think it makes sense to use something DJI supports if you’re interested in a hassle-free experience.

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Thanks! I’d love to know if there are specific features that they want and certain phones lack, but I guess we’ll never know. For example, I’ve never seen a Motorola phone (which I’ve been using for years) on their list. – jclarkw