DJI Flight Log Viewer Help

I’m having a problem with the Log Viewer. When I upload a Litchi log, file nothing shows up in the log viewer. No image or data of any kind. As a P4 owner, it’s not my first time using the site. I hope someone can help. As a new user, this place won’t let me attach any files.

I purchased a Mavic Pro Platinum last night and I encountered a Lost Signal error on my very first flight. The drone was at an altitude of 77 feet and just 37 feet away. I was in an open park with no obstructions. The error did not reappear in 2 subsequent flights. Any thoughts on what might have caused this? Controller input was just fine. I calibrated both the compass and IMU pre-flight.

Attach your log here and I’ll take a look. You can upload it to a file sharing site like


2019-12-12_15-07-18_v2.csv is the file with the relevant information. Thanks

Fixed! Here’s your uploaded log:

Thanks! It’s interesting that some of the data is in the wrong columns. Aside from that, I didn’t see anything that would suggest why I lost connection. Why do you think it wouldn’t load properly? Anyway, I returned the Platinum and purchased the Mavic 2 Pro. I can’t fly a drone I don’t trust and I love the optics on the M2P.

Just a nasty mix of bad data and/or unexpected edge cases. That’s what programmers live for I guess.

I updated the log link above.

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