DJI Cloud?

I fly two Mini 2 SE’s and a Mini 3 Pro. I have my flight logs synched so they upload to “the cloud.” When the little cloud symbol appears in the upper right of the flight log where do those actually go? How do I access them?

Being a retiree I fly almost daily for recreation. The flight logs that are saved to my phone when I use the RC Controller start taking up a lot f memory on my phone. I know how to clear the cache of these files but would like to know where else they can be accessed should I need them?

Any help will be appreciated.

They go to DJI servers in “the cloud”. You can then sync your flight logs on other mobile devices running DJI apps to see those logs. There’s not much you can do with the logs in DJI’s apps though.

If using a flight log viewer that’s able to sync with the DJI cloud (like Flight Reader), you can retrieve all of your uploaded flight logs and view the data within.

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Thanks! I’ve downloaded the trial version. I talked to DJI tech support twice today for quite some time. I wanted to know how to delete all those flight records from my phone (two years of almost daily flying) to free up space yet still be able to access them in the cloud if necessary. Either I wasn’t communicating clearly or they just could not understand what I was asking. Not a good experience.

Through my own trial and error I did learn that I can clear the cache on my RC Controller, disconnect it from Wi-Fi, and only see records not yet uploaded to the cloud. When I turn on Wi-Fi I can see and access all two years worth.

This tells me that clearing the cache on the RC Controller frees up space, yet I can access all the logs when I turn on Wi-Fi.

Still not sure how to do the same on my regular controller which uses my iPhone. I use that controller for my two Mini 2 SE’s.