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Has anyone have experienced filing a claim on the DJI Care Service? I’m just wondering how long does it take before they complete the process and send your replacement?

I had a Min 2 that crashed two weeks ago and I file a claim the same day, but until now there’s no update on the status at the Service site…my claim is stuck on #2 “ Service solution to be determined

We are determining the service solution for your case. Please wait.”

I’m missing out on the Fall Shots I was planning to take……

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks all!

It sounds like you submitted the claim without the DJI Care support attached (you select it from a screen during the initial process). You should check that the DJI Care was properly activated when you purchased it if it didn’t show up.

For DJI Care cases that I have submitted, they skip the Testing and other steps and immediately send you a replacement aircraft, rather than repairing yours. If I send it in with their UPS label on Monday, I have a replacement aircraft back by Friday.

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Hi Craig,

Thanks for the info, that helped me a lot. I appreciate it. Sorry for the late reply.