DJI "Because Life Is Big" Event (November 28th)

DJI is hosting another potential new product release event on November 28th at 2 PM EST in New York. Per DroneDJ, the event is being held to “showcase DJI’s latest technology”.

This event could be for the new Osmo Pocket that recently appear on the FCC website.


DJI posted a cryptic trailer for this new release event on their website here. The video is an animation of lots of scenarios where close-up videos and photos are being taken from the ground. Perhaps they are being taken with the Osmo Pocket?

Also, this new image of the Osmo Pocket was floating around on the Internet this week:

It looks like we’re definitely not going to see a new drone on the 28th. Per this tweet, DroningON confirmed DJI sent them a demo/production unit of whatever is being released:

And in this video, they said they'll be releasing demos of this product as soon as it's announced on the 28th: