Dji avata, crash and unable to find it?

Hi everybody, few days ago I was flying my avata and decided to switch to manual mode mid flight. I lost control and the drone crashed in a large wheat field, I have the coordinates and last video before the crash, but I am unable to find the drone. I also purchased a dji care package, I know this is probably not the thing, but is there any way the dji inssurance covers a lost drone, or should just I say goodbye to the drone and buy another one?

I am guessing that your care package is actually DJI Care Refresh… You do not mention if your drone is the bae model or the “II” so, you get on the most basic of answers and they may not apoly to your situation…

My Care Refresh package covered two crashes (send in get it repaired or replaced…) and one lost “fly away”

Don’t you have “Find my Drone?”

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Hmm bae model? Its the avata 1 and I purchased the care refresh 2 year package. Yes i have used the find my drone on my dji fly app and got the coordinates, but was unable to find the drone, due to the height and the density of the wheat field, its like finding a needle in a hay stack​:person_shrugging: I thinking about contacting the dji support about a compensation for the lost drone :pensive:

Did you review your TXT flight log? Assuming the Avata was connected to the remote controller when it crashed, the flight log will show the last location.

You can upload your TXT flight log here.

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Do you know why deer hunters who sit in tree stands are so successful? It is because deer generally do not look up as they have few predators that can “jump them” and they are usually foraging for food on the ground…

You wrote that “due to the height and the density of the wheat field it’s like finding a needle in a hay stack” Hay usually only grow 2 to 4-feet high, are you really in a “Hay Field?”

If the plants are really high, like the way corn can grow from 5 to 12-feet tall, you might be a different field…

What I am getting at is if the plants are really tall, did you look over your head to see if your drone is stuck in the top of the plants?

If these simple questions infuriate you, just remember that I am try to help someone who “decided to switch to manual mode mid-flight” at so far a distance that they cannot find their drone after they crashed it and that same person did not even know what their Care Refresh Policy covers…