dji assistant 2 problems

i have just bought a used mavic pro for an application where i will want the best time/location telemetry data possible. i think that would be what is stored on the drone itself as there could be data dropouts flying a litchi orbit or other track, so i got the dji assistant 2 software to try to get the logs right out of the drone. when i plug in the mavic pro it gives a couple messages about wanting to scan the F and G drives, then wanting to insert a disk in the F and G drives, and when it is done there are the two new drives, the F drive has a dcim folder and a hidden folder, neither of which seem to have any telemetry data… and the G drive is empty and if you try to click on it the message says to insert a disk, so it has created the drive but not linked it to anything. i am using a rather old win7 laptop, but it is otherwise reliable. in the dji assistant 2 i can get data using the data upload process that compresses all the stuff into a file which then has to be uncompressed with extractdji.exe, but that process seems rather round about. The flight data option on the assistant only opens the viewer, it doesn’t show the list of flights. Any hints? any better ways to get data out of the drone??

You should be able to find the data you need in the TXT flight logs. See the instructions at the bottom of this page for accessing those files.

but those are logs from the controller link which could be missing data or have lower frequency than the logs in the drone itself. i have looked at those but want to get the raw data from the drone itself.

Did you try following these instructions to retrieve the DAT data?

yes, that is the one i can do, however it requires those extra operations and software to uncompress the .dat and get to the data. i would really like to use the next method on that page, the ‘Mounted Disk Drive’ method, but no list of flights is shown and the 2nd disk doesn’t get mounted.

Per the instructions on that page:

“Depending on the AC firmware version the Assistant uses one of two methods to retrieve a .DAT. For older AC firmware versions the Assistant will mount a drive on the host computer.”

I’m not sure which firmware you’d need to downgrade to in order to use that feature. Any ideas @BudWalker?

@k1ttt I’m trying to remember if the option you want was ever available for the Mavic Pro. If it were it would have to be one of the very earliest MP FWs. Yeah, the extra steps required with the compressed .DAT are annoying but it’s not so bad once you get used to them.

Being a fellow ham I checked out your website and I could see that you also provide free software.

yes, and i wish companies would open source more of their software, especially if they are not supporting a product any more. obviously the dji assistant 2 has access to the files i want somehow, it just doesn’t make them easily available even for use by their own viewer.