Disoriented radar and arrow on apps when flying mavic pro 2

I had bought a new Huawei Mate Pro 20 latest phone because I thought my old phone Samsung J7 is not good enough to use with proper radar and arrow. as with old phone had disoriented radar and Arrow problem

But now when flying New Huawei, the Radar and Arrow is still disoriented, when the nose and gimble flies forward, the radar and arrow both either points at least 45degrees to right or 90 degrees opposite direction

How to rectify this this serious problem, please advise to my email josephyong2468@gmail.com or the forum
. Thank you

@whitedragon…Can you provide a screen shot of this? Are you connected to the aircraft when you see this? If so, this sounds like a compass issue. Try a compass calibration and see if that changes the orientation.

Have you calibrated the compass on the Huawei?

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I just got my mavic pro and followed all the set up instructions and videos. I tried to calibrate my compass and keep getting an error message. I can get it to work when I calibrate the first step but when i turn it on the side and try to rotate it, i can’t get it to work. I have an error message on remote and it says GPS not working. I can fly the drone but it says GPS not working and collision avoidance turned off. Any help would this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks