disconnexion MAVIC 2 ZOOM, black screen DJI GO 4

Good afternoon. Last week I went to pilot the MAVIC, I spent 2 batteries and everything was correct except at the beginning of the first flight. A black screen occurred on my mobile. I was recording a tower (castle) and using a POI, to fly around the tower. In the second round of the same POI, I lost sight of the camera\u0027s mobile. The DJI GO 4 application was closed and it opened again alone, without touching anything? I leave you an accelerated video until the event, also the LOGs and the DAT, in case you want to review and know what will have happened. In AIRDATA, I have seen the record and there is no warning of anything, as if nothing had happened. The rest of the flight of this battery and another, without any problem. Regards


There should be a FLY062.DAT that was recorded after the M2Z reconnected. Can you provide that please?

Good, then the link to the requested file. Thank you


In the text, I meant, that I lost the signal on my mobile, the screen went black, for about 10 seconds.