Disconnected and drowned

Hello there,

Very odd accident today. I was flying the Mavic 2, battery 99% and quite close to me. After 8 minutes of flight time the drone disconnects (black screen), I press the RTH and then it got lost for ever. Tried searching it in the sea but didn’t find anything. Will try again tomorrow.

Can anybody notice something from the log? Very strong interference? Problem with the battery? What was wrong?

Thanks in advance.

I’ll let someone who knows reading logs handle the technical stuff. But looking at you log
I see something that jumps out at me and that is your 4th cell is down more than the others.
Good luck I hope you find it.

I looked at that too Tom. I don’t see that as a big deal though. The voltage on cell #4 isn’t terrible. I have one much worse and it still flies