Disconnect wifi, data, gps on the device to be used to fly: mobile or tablet

There are pilots who report that it is better, when they are going to fly, to configure the mobile in airplane mode, so that the wifi and data are disconnected. The processor will have lower workload.
If the data is disconnected, we lose the ability to see the map with satellite image.
Do you think that it is mandatory that the GPS of the mobile is active when we are going to fly?
What do you think ??

You only need wi-fi or data to see the “live” maps. The maps can be cached to your device BEFORE you go fly, therefore eliminating the need for a connection.

You only need GPS on the device if you plan to utilize the dynamic home point feature.

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@DROVNI, if you need help caching the maps in DJI GO, you can find instructions here.

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Thank you very much, I saved it yesterday. I already knew how to do it. The doubt was, that when I did it, I only saw the cartographic maps, but not the satellite images. And I’ve already learned that satellite images are not on maps downloaded offline.

Thank you very much, then the data if I have a mobile phone, I will leave you active. I usually do it, but then I get whatsapp messages, telegram … phone calls … And the GPS, so if I leave it active, you never know if you need to RTH the device. I thought I was doing it to the station. Really when the mobile-gps is connected to the station, it will always go where both are.

Not exactly clear on what you meant in this statement, but as stated, it is incorrect. The “Home Point” is set to the aircraft’s location and not to the device GPS location. Unless, you are using the “Dynamic home point” function which can change the home point to the device location.

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Then, if we initiate the flight, the point of despeque for the RTH is recorded. It does not matter if the GPS of the mobile phone is active or not. We take a few trips with the mavic, if we activate the RTH, the mavic will return to the takeoff point. But if we move from the place of takeoff, imagine 200 meters. If we do the RTH it will return to the takeoff point. For the RTH to return to where we are, to those 200 meters is when in the configuration we can mark the station as a point of return and not the takeoff. It is right ?? If it is correct, we should have the GPS activated?

This is correct.

This is also correct.

Also correct.

Also correct.

Yes. For the remote to be “assigned” as the home point, you must have GPS on.

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Then everything cleared up. Better to have the GPS activated before taking off, if at any time it is decided to do RTH to the station Perhaps in new versions, the station itself has GPS and why not, for SIM card.
Thank you

It depends on the phone’s horsepower called resources (snapdragon multicore, mem internal, mobile carrier bandwidth, and so forth). I flew mobile data off (gps, wifi, bluetooth, never used) to escape nags. Airplane mode silences callers, annoying phone interrupts go4 engaged.