Disappointing in Occusync

I recently had a Mavic Air (Wifi only, no OccuSync) which would lose connectivity when flying at around 2800-2900 ft away by the lake near my house. I figured this was normal as WiFi is not meant to go too far, even though the max range was 2.4 miles (~12500 ft). So I purchased the Mavic 2 Pro which has Occusync 2.0 and touts a near 5 mile range, or ~26,000 ft. Unfortunately, I lost signal several times when I was around 3100-3200 ft away.

This is pretty disappointing to only be able to fly half to three-quarters of a mile away. I realize I was never going to get the max range under normal conditions, but this seems very low, especially given a lot of the journey was over water without much interference.

Is this normal?


Here are some troubleshooting steps to try to figure out what is reducing your range:

  • Enable airplane mode on your mobile device
  • Make sure you don’t have any other electronic devices near the remote controller
  • Make sure the remote controller antennas are positioned like this
  • Make sure there are no obstacles between the Mavic and remote controller
  • Try flying in a location where you know there are no other nearby Wi-Fi signals (e.g. don’t fly in a house neighborhood)

I did a range test Wednesday evening, Mine started breaking up at 7800ft in a fairly wifi congested area.

My first thought is to check your area for any electronic/micro type of interference. Not from where you are standing but more from where the bird is flying. Most of the time I have issues is due to anomalies such as that. YMMV

And your altitude was??

Thanks for all the tips… The altitude was at 350-400 ft pretty consistently. There are some trees and houses in between from where I am flying and myself, but my house is somewhat highly elevated as well, and the rest of it is just river/lake. No matter where I fly it in the circle around my neighborhood I can’t seem to get it to keep reception at over 3500 ft.

I tried turning airplane mode on, going to a different location that is remote, and the other tips here and in the video but still no luck.

Will have to try it just going straight down the lake as far as I can to make sure everything is okay…

Do any of the trees or houses ever come in between you and drone?

Maybe you should contact a service center?