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Dim iphone screen

As iphone 7 heats up thee screen dims (used with Mavic air 2) Do all phones do this? What controller does ot do this?

I discovered this myself when using my iPhone 8 Plus to repeatedly record swing videos at a recent golf tournament. I had brought along several spare battery bricks to keep the phone charged, but the charging apparently was generating so much heat inside the plastic protective phone case that the screen was almost black, making it virtually impossible to compose the frame, and the Display Brightness slider under Settings was also missing the dot to drag to make it brighter! Frustrating! I didn’t think to remove the protective case, but it might have helped, as would preventing the phone from charging during shooting. I did keep the display off in between videos to minimize heat.

Thanks for reply. One internet source says the ipad mini doesn’t suffer from the over heating/display diming. Do you know any other iphone models that don’t exibit this phenom?