DIJI Mavic Mini Troubleshooting

Can anyone help— If only the great Norm McDonald were here to narrate the extraordinary time Ive spent on this, many sleepless nights have past, alas I’m stuck, so I come to town-square, unclothed and malnurished, to beg for your mercy…

Background: Obliterated my DJI mini 2 with subpar flying, changed all the parts (wings/gimbal/ribbon cable), the drone turns on but! the g*& d*&$ camera is slanted, tried recalibrating , alas standard efforts were futile, now using a Mac Air to run Gimbal Calib python code, but having two issues: Again let me preface my questions with the caveat, Im really dumb. Arigato…in advance.

Tried multiple usb-c to usb-c data cables but in system report under USB the connection is not stable. Sometimes I get the correct code for my Dji Mini “WM160”, sometimes I get “a9 platform”, sometimes …nothing

I found on google a code for windows : py comm_og_service_tool.py --port com7 WM160 GimbalCalib JointCoarse
But how do I call the port from terminal in Mac. I tried py comm_og_service_tool.py --port 3.1 WM160 GimbalCalib JointCoarse, ……to no avail.

I feel so close… yet so far away…